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Granted Top Class by All India Radio.

Recently performed in the National Programme of Music (Television).
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Awards & Achievements

Achievement as Sitarist:
  • National Program of Music of AIR in the year 1981.
  • Radio Sangeet Sammelan of AIR in the year 1983 at INDORE before the invited audience.
  • National Programme of Music of the Doordarshan (TV) in year 1984.
  • Radio Sangeet Sammelan of AIR in the year 1987 at Sangali, Maharashtra.
  • Radio Sangeet Sammelan of AIR before the invited audience in the year 1994 at Tripura capital Agartala.
  • National Programme of Music of AIR in the year 1998 (Live).
  • National Programme of Music (Doordarsha) Year 2002.
  • Radio Sangeet Sammelan of AIR before the invited audience at Patna (Bihar) in year 2009.

Achievement as Composer:
Apart from composing Music for about 100 films including award winning films Datta has composed music for the following serials and Tele-Films:- Zindagi-Zindagi, Dus Kadam Eho Hmara Jeevna, Paanch-Dariya, Badli Hui Ibaarat, Ek Dil Hazzar Afsaane, Namaste Shreeman, Gali Aage Mudati Hai.

Apart from Composing Music for Films and Serials and Radio Projects Datta has Stage Production also to his credit:- Miss Bottle, Light of Asia, Ateet-Vartmaan, Ramayan Darshnam, Untouchable, Vaapsi GANGAVATARN Ballet Composed in New York based musician. Later this ballet was staged in New York on Independence day of USA.

In addition to above-mentioned miles stones he has special interests in the Orchestral Music. He has relentlessly working on the subject for more then three decades. Till date he has following Orchestral Composition to his credit with the famous Vadya-Vrinda of AIR ,New Delhi:- Giriraj, Bitto, Lori, Mela, Mausam Ke Raang, Yuva Man, Mela Maakhanpur Ka, Shram Shakti, Jai Jai Wanti, Bilaskhani Todi, Prateeksha, Suryodya, Ranveer, Chanchal Dhaara, Vartmaan, Panch Naadam, Punrutthan, Gaurav Gaatha, Maanjhi, Taryodashi, Bharti, Shanti, Navrang, The Journey of Vadya-Vrinda and Swaranjali (an orchestra based on Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore's compositions which was staged before the invited audiences under the auspicious of Sangeet Natak Academy in connection with on going centenary celebrations of Gurudev.

Foreign Tours:

In Year 1994 He was invited by Common Wealth Foundation to tour Victoria BC in Connection with XV Commonwealth Games. His Performance throughout CANADA were highly appreciated.

In Early March 1996 Datta represented India as Composer in Asia Song Festival held in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia. Later in Sep 1996 Datta Went to United Kingdom where he recorded his first ever CD album with ARC Music Production International. In 1998 Datta visited U.S.A where he apart from performing all over. Composed a Ballet “GANGAVATARN” with New York based Musicians and Stage Show of the same was held on Independence Day American i.e. 4th July. In the year 2000 Datta again went to UK where he recorded his Dream Project a “Concerto of 20 Sitars” with ARC International. In years 2006 Datta went to Republic of Armenia where he performed all over Armenia. In year 2016 he was asked to perform in the Nomad International Music Festival in Kyrgyzstan.Got IInd prize for Musical feature entitles TANNOH AGNI PARCHODYAT in AIR Annual Awards.

  • Got IInd prize for Musical feature entitles TANNOH AGNI PARCHODYAT in AIR Annual Awards.
  • Musical Feature NISHABAD got IInd Prize again in AIR Annual Awards.
  • Musical Feature for Children and by the children "ADBHUT BAAG" got Ist Prize in AIR annual awards. His feature "MAIN HOON SANGEET - SWATANTRA KE GEET" also got Ist prize in AIR annual awards.
  • An Award at the festival of Agrarian Film of Zaragoza, Spain for the Film "Training and Visit Systems" for which he has provided the Music Silver Ear for his film 'Water Hyacinth' in 19th Agri Film Festival , Berlin.
  • National Award for the film 'Our Islamic Heritage' in the National Film Festival, 1986.
  • Best Documentary award for the 'Cash & Cashew Cultivation' in National Film Festival of 1987.
  • National Award to his film 'Angora Rabbit' in 1988.
  • Two of plays penned by him were awarded by The Sahitya Kala Parishad on different occasions. These plays are (1) “Raag-Droh” and (2) “Chhaya-Hindol”